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Whatever you talk to me about will be kept between us and will not be shared with anyone else except my supervisor who will never know your name or identifying details. 

Confidentiality & GDPR

My work with clients is confidential however there are circumstances when I have an obligation to share information.  

These circumstances include:

When I believe that you or another person is in immediate risk of significant harm.

When a court order tells me to.

When you tell me details of a serious crime or act of terrorism.

I work with a clinical supervisor every month and may discuss client work.  Although my supervisor is bound by the same confidentiality rules as I am, I will never use your full name or identifying details in supervision.

I am registered with the Information Commissioners office as a data manager.  I have a duty to keep your information safe and have rules to adhere to in accordance with UK law.

I keep basic, hand-written notes and store them in a locked cabinet under my control.  The notes do not identify clients as I use a coding system.  These notes are stored for five years before being shredded. 

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