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What is Integrative Counselling?

Integrative Counselling means that the Counsellor is drawing on different ways of working according to the needs of the client. 

I work in a Person-Centred way and use Psychodynamic ways of working and CBT creatively.

Understanding the jargon / different modalities that I may use HERE


My fee is £50.00 per hour.

Sessions can be twice weekly, weekly or fortnightly according to your needs.

I hold limited discounted spaces for individuals who are on low income.  

If you would like to meet with me for a complimentary introduction, please send me an email or message and we can organise a day and time to suit you.

Confidentiality & GDPR

Whatever you talk to me about will be kept between us and will not be shared with anyone else except my supervisor who will never know your full name or identifying details. 

Read more about how your information is stored HERE

Lotus in Bloom

Can you contact me between sessions?

The time between weekly sessions is an important time for you to process our work together.

It may be useful to keep a journal to record any thoughts, memories or dreams that feel important that you can bring to your next session for us to work on. 

What Can You Talk To Me About?

Whatever issue you may bring, I can work with you to help you gain insight and make personal changes towards feeling less conflicted, improve your relationships and move towards becoming your authentic self. 

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