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Working with Children and Young People

I am qualified to work with children and young people from the age of 10 years and use various creative methods according to the young persons issues and needs.  I recognise the importance of young people having access to counselling when they are school aged, so they can explore their worries and make sense of things in a supportive and safe space.  This can help them to understand that it’s OK not to be OK and feel comfortable in reaching out to helping professions in the future.  Counselling can improve young peoples’ mental health outcomes now and later in life. 

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Please note that with the exception of safeguarding issues, all counselling is confidential, allowing young clients to explore every aspect of their world without judgement or shame.  
I hold a current DBS certificate.

The trouble with teenagers...Modern science has informed us that adolescents experience great changes during this time of their lives. It is not just the matter of hormones but physiological, psychological and emotional changes are occurring. If that is not enough, they are also naturally moving away from the family they have been closely connected with since birth, towards the support of their friends. Have you noticed that your teenager doesn’t want to spend time with the family anymore, preferring to hang out with friends? It is not reflection on you as parents or carers, it is part of the process of growing up. Adolescents can often be preoccupied with 'fitting in' and may display new behaviours as part of this process. Furthermore, teenagers can feel they are unique or that nobody understands them and they can engage in risk-taking behaviour which according to modern science, is an essential activity for healthy brain development! This information brought me some relief and validated my feelings of exasperation as a parent to adolescents, as I watched them morph into fledgling adults! (Robson, M. and Pattison, S. 2018). I have been counselling High School aged young people since 2020. My work involves more creative ways of working and no topic is out of bounds. A great deal of my clients have expressed their gratitude to have a safe space to talk freely without fear of judgement and have explored their fears (often held since their early years) and dreams for the future. The here and now problems with relationships are often discussed as are feelings of isolation or loneliness. I have referred some young people to more specialist professionals when necessary and have been honoured to watch as client confidence has grown and understanding of behaviours has been realised.

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