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Gender Informed Therapist

I am an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and I am affiliated with Intercom Trust.  

I am trained in LGBTQ+ awareness and as a gender-informed therapist, I work with Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid clients. 

My interest in the issues of the LGBTQ+ communities began in 2012 when my then teenage daughter told me that she was in a relationship with her female friend.  Since that time, I continue to be informed on current affairs and all things related to minority oppression by my daughter.  She sparked my interest in learning more about Transgender issues during my BA studies this year, which resulted in working with Intercom Trust counselling LGBTQ+ clients and undertaking their LGBTQ awareness course.  I chose to prepare a research proposal as part of my studies on Transgender youth experiences of support in High School.  Part of that assignment involved a scoping search of worldwide research on the topic.  I consider myself an ally of LGBTQ+ people and will continue to work with Intercom Trust and keep my knowledge in this field up to date to best support the LGBTQ+ communities as we move to an inclusive society.

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“Intercom Trust is a community-led charity that aims to build a South West region where people are treated with respect, celebrated, and where vibrant LGBT+ communities live with real equality.”

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