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1. Do you feel ready to talk to someone about your problems?

If not, then perhaps now is not the right time for you.  For personal change to occur it is widely believed that a client seeks counselling in a state of anxiety or feeling vulnerable.  In addition, it is also very important that the client wishes to enter into a therapeutic relationship with a counsellor and is not being pressured to do so by another person.  If these factors do not exist then counselling is unlikely to be productive.


2. How do you find a counsellor who you will like and who will help you with your problems

Have you ever taken an immediate disliking to someone and wondered why?   It is important that the therapist you choose doesn’t remind you of someone you dislike. (I’m not joking!) Transference is a recognised phenomenon that occurs in all relationships.  It involves our reactions to how a person presents, their appearance, mannerisms and the things they say or do.  Our previous experiences and learned prejudices or biases can unconsciously influence our judgement of others.  If you don’t like the look of a therapist, it could potentially cause difficulties in your work together.  It is helpful to meet a number of counsellors before you decide on one to work with.  Some counsellors offer an introduction session free of charge or at a reduced rate.


3. How do you know that a counsellor is a professional and not a fraud?

It is essential that the counsellor is a member of a recognised professional body as this means they are accountable for their practice.  Unfortunately there are people who claim to be counsellors and do not have any official qualifications or membership with a recognised professional body.  Although counselling is not yet regulated, the leading professional bodies in the UK are working on this.  It is ok to ask to see proof of membership to a professional body and proof of qualifications. 


4. What if someone recommends a counsellor to me?

If a therapist is recommended to you, this might mean they are effective in their work but it may be wise to consider other factors before you choose a personal counsellor.

Experience and educational qualifications are important considerations, together with areas of expertise.  If a therapist is more expensive than the rest, it could be that they have considerable experience or have achieved higher levels of qualification.  Its always a good idea to check and not assume the more expensive therapists are the best.

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I offer an initial consultation free of charge with no obligation, so that we can discuss your needs.  This will allow you to decide whether you feel happy to work with me on your journey.  This can be done either online or on the telephone.  To arrange an appointment, please contact me via email or text message and leave your contact details. 

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